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The G. W. Rumsey site is on Greasy Creek, across the creek from the Late Caddo Titus phase mound center and large community cemetery at the Shelby Mound site (41CP71). The site has both extensive Late Caddo habitation/midden deposits, and Caddo burials of both Middle Caddo and Late Caddo, Titus phase, age. The cemetery area is reported to be approximately 30 m from the thick Titus phase midden deposits. The vessels in the Turner collection from the G. W. Rumsey site had been washed out of burials by flooding over a period of years beginning in the late 1920s, and continuing in the late 1930s and early 1940s. They were collected by Mr. Rumsey, and then some were eventually purchased in 1948 by Robert L. Turner, Jr. and in the 1940s by H. Perry Newell of the University of Texas (these latter vessels are at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at The University of Texas). Turner has 54 vessels in his collection. According to Thurmond, however, it was A. T. Jackson of The University of Texas who purchased 12 vessels from the G. W. Rumsey site in 1930, and also made a surface collection. Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, and Bo Nelson

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4-Dec-201441CP3_V52Selden Jr., Robert Z.
4-Dec-201441CP3_V51Selden Jr., Robert Z.
4-Dec-201441CP3_V50Selden Jr., Robert Z.
4-Dec-201441CP3_V47Selden Jr., Robert Z.
3-Dec-201441CP3_V46Selden Jr., Robert Z.
3-Dec-201441CP3_V45BSelden Jr., Robert Z.
3-Dec-201441CP3_V45ASelden Jr., Robert Z.
3-Dec-201441CP3_V43Selden Jr., Robert Z.
3-Dec-201441CP3_V42Selden Jr., Robert Z.
3-Dec-201441CP3_V41Selden Jr., Robert Z.
2-Nov-201441CP3_V40Selden Jr., Robert Z.
2-Nov-201441CP3_V37Selden Jr., Robert Z.
2-Nov-201441CP3_V36Selden Jr., Robert Z.
25-Nov-201441CP3_V35Selden Jr., Robert Z.
25-Nov-201441CP3_V34Selden Jr., Robert Z.
25-Nov-201441CP3_V33Selden Jr., Robert Z.
24-Nov-201441CP3_V32Selden Jr., Robert Z.
24-Nov-201441CP3_V31Selden Jr., Robert Z.
24-Nov-201441CP3_V30Selden Jr., Robert Z.
24-Nov-201441CP3_V29Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36
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