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The Redwine site is a small Middle Caddo mound and habitation center in the Auburn Creek valley, a small tributary to Harris Creek, in the middle reaches of the Sabine River. The ceramic vessels and pipes were excavated in the early 1960s by Sam Whiteside, who conducted investigations in a substructural mound (Walters et al. 1998:22-25), and also excavated four prehistoric Caddo burials; the location of the burials at the site are not known. Later 1990s archeological investigations reported by Walters et al. (1998:1) identified Middle Caddo period midden deposits on the crest of the landform. The one calibrated radiocarbon date from a midden feature is AD 1304-1434 (2 sigma) (Walters et al. 1998:35); the calibrated mid-point is AD 1401 (Reimer et al. 2004). The burials at the Redwine site were placed in fairly deep (ca. 1 m bs) pits, and were laid on their backs in an extended supine position; their orientation or direction is not known (Walters et al. 1998:25). The burials contain ceramic vessels, ceramic pipes, and arrow points as funerary offerings. In total, there are 28 ceramic vessels (7.0 vessels per burial), three ceramic pipes (0.75 pipes per burial), and 24 arrow points (6.0 arrow points per burial). Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, Shawn Marceaux, et al.

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