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This site, referred to as Gregg County Site No. 20 in the Buddy Jones site catalog, is an ancestral Caddo settlement and cemetery situated on a terrace between two forks of Grace Creek. Jones identified three habitation areas along the landform (Habitation 1-3), and midden deposits were noted in Habitation areas 2 and 3, along with several burials. Habitation area 1 is south of Habitation area 2, at the southern tip of the landform, but there were no midden deposits or burials in this area. Each habitation area had pottery sherds, mussel shell fragments, and animal bone fragments, and they covered about 1 acre apiece. In the spring of 1964, portions of these habitation areas were stripped of sediments for road construction. Jones noted skull fragments in Habitation areas 2 and 3, and commenced further investigations to record and document burial features at the site. The burials were situated in midden deposits, but were in generally shallow (less than 60 cm to grave pit floors) pits that were oriented northwest-southeast, with the head of the deceased individual at the southeastern end of the grave, and facing northwest, and the body resting in an extended supine position. The burials appear to be those of adult-aged individuals. Authors: Timothy K. Perttula and Bo Nelson

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Feb-201541GG5_B1V1Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 7 of 7