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The Lone Star Lake site (41MX65) is a Titus phase cemetery on a regularlyinundated island in Ellison Creek Reservoir, an artificial reservoir on Ellison Creek, a tributary to Big Cypress Creek. The site is also known as the Ellison Lake site (Turner 1978) and the West Island site (King and Turner 1993). An unknown number of Titus phase burials have been excavated at the Lone Star Lake site over the last 40-50 years, including the disturbed remnants of two burials by King and Turner (1993) in 1986. Ceramic funerary offerings include vessels of Avery Engraved, Bailey Engraved, Bullard Brushed, Cowhide Stamped, Harleton Appliqued, Hodges Engraved, Karnack Brushed-Incised, Maydelle Incised, Ripley Engraved, Simms Engraved, Taylor Engraved, and Wilder Engraved (Turner 1978). Authors: Timothy K. Pertulla, Mark Walters, and Bo Nelson

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-201541MX65_V72Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V71Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V70Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V69Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V68Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V67Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V66Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V65Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V63Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V62Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V60Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V59Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V58Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V56Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V55Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V53Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V52Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V51bRobert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V51aRobert Z. Selden Jr.
Mar-201541MX65_V50Robert Z. Selden Jr.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38
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