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A total of 12 Caddo burials were excavated by Buddy Calvin Jones (n.d.) at the Enis Smith site in January and February 1958; three other burials had been excavated at the site by unknown parties. The burial pits are aligned generally east-west, with one burial (Burial 1) near the northern end of the landform, and the other 11 (in at least four rows) clustered 10-40 ft. to the south. the cemetery is on an elevated landform (270-280 feet amsl) above the Gum Creek floodplain, and it is not far to the confluence of Gum Creek with Little Cypress Creek. Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, and Bo Nelson

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Apr-2015Figure 29. Vessel, Enis Smith, B3, Vessel 19Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B12V95Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B12V94Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B12V93Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B12V92Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B12V91Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V90Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V89Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V88Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V87Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V86Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V85Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V84Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V83Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V82Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V81Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V80Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V79Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B11V78Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR317_B10V76Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 88
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