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The Henry Williams site is a Late Caddo habitation and cemetery locale situated north and west of Gum Creek. Buddy Jones excavated the cemetery in 1954 and 1955. The cemetery was situated in a cotton field, about 2.5 m above the Gum Creek floodplain on an alluvial terrace landform; several of the burials were found in a low-lying eroded area (with red clay exposed at the surface) in the edge of the floodplain itself. A total of 37 burials were excavated by Jones in the cemetery, in a number of east to northeast-oriented rows and clusters. Although no specific information was provided by Jones (n.d.), it is likely that all the burials represent single individuals placed in the graves in extended supine position, with the head facing towards the west. The deceased individuals were accompanied with several kinds of funerary offerings, primarily ceramic vessels (54%) and arrow point caches/quivers (43%). All of the burials had ceramic vessels, two burials had ceramic pipes, eight burial had arrow point caches, three burials had tools (celts or a large chipped biface), and two burials had clay pigments. Total numbers of funerary offerings ranged from 1-45 items, with a mean of 8.0 offerings per burial. Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, and Bo Nelson

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Apr-201541UR318_V08.1888Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1305Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1304Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1303Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1301Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1300Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1157Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1155Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.1154Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.971Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.955Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.954Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.953Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.952Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.0951Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.950Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.940Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.939Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.938Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR318_V08.833Selden Jr., Robert Z.
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