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A total of seven Late Caddo period burials were excavated by Buddy Calvin Jones in an old cotton field, a toe slope landform (300-310 feet amsl) situated above the Gum Creek floodplain at the I. P. Starr site. The burials are in two rough north-south rows. The burial excavation started in December 1954 (Jones n.d.), but it is not known when they were completed. It is also not known if the cemetery area was completely investigated, or if the seven burials represent only a sample of the interments present there. The burials had different kinds of funerary offerings, including ceramic vessels, arrow points, celts, and clay pigment masses. Vessels were present in each of the burials where information is available, while arrow points and celts were only included as funerary offerings in one or two burials. Green and red clay pigment were placed in two of the burials, one of which had five chert pebbles. Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, and Bo Nelson

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Apr-201541UR319_VM-2_08.582Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V9_08.878Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V8_08.479Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V08.1886Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V08.1049Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V08.1048Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V7_08.762Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V5_08.475Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V4_08.433Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_V3_08.11Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_B6V08.889Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_B5V08.1956Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Apr-201541UR319_B4V08.1047Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13