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The Spoonbill site, primarily a Late Caddo Titus phase cemetery, in the Caney Creek valley of the Lake Fork Creek drainage basin, was excavated by J. A. Walters in 1967 (Walters 1998:46). He excavated a cemetery with 15 burials, in an area covering ca. 16 x 21 m, on a portion of terrace landform that overlooks the Caney Creek floodplain to the north. These burials are in several east-west rows, presumably with the individuals laid out in an extended supine position in the graves, with their heads facing west. Two of the burials in the cemetery—Burials 5 and 11—excavated by J. A. Walters apparently date to the Middle Caddo period, based on the decorated vessels placed with the deceased individuals. The range of vessels known to have been recovered from the various Titus phase graves at the Spoonbill site, including Taylor Engraved, Simms Engraved, Womack Engraved, and Keno Trailed, var. Phillips, suggest that this cemetery dates to the late 17th century (Walters 1998, 2007). The exact location of the Titus phase cemetery excavated by J. A. Walters at the Spoonbill site is not known, unfortunately. Later archeological investigations at the site (Bruseth and Perttula 1981:40-48) identified two more Middle Caddo period burials and a post-A.D. 1600 Titus phase burial in a cluster at the southern end of the site. That work also identified two temporally sequent Early to Middle Caddo period clusters of pit features and a circular structure. Calibrated radiocarbon dates from the Early Caddo component range from AD 967-1160, with midpoints at AD 1020 and 1040, while dates from the Middle Caddo period component range from AD 1228-1395 (Perttula 1997), with calibrated mid-points of AD 1279 and 1285 (Reimer et al. 2004, IntCal04.14c). Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, Shawn Marceaux, et al.

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Apr-201541WD109_V234Selden Jr., Robert Z.
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Apr-201541WD109_V67Selden Jr., Robert Z.
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Apr-201541WD109_V65Selden Jr., Robert Z.
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