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The Tuck Carpenter site (41CP5), on Dry Creek several miles from its confluence with Big Cypress Creek, is perhaps the best known Titus phase cemetery in the Big Cypress Creek basin. This is due to the careful analysis and reporting of the recovered funerary offerings and remains from 45 burials excavated by Turner and R. W. Walsh in the 1960s (Turner 1978, 1992). More than 95% of the graves had the bodies of single individuals laid in an extended supine position on the floor of the pit, but two burial features (Burials 21 and 23) had two individuals placed side by side in the burial pit. The Tuck Carpenter site is a large community cemetery that was apparently used for the interment of Caddo peoples for a considerable span of time in the 15th to the 17th century A.D. The burials were laid out in an east-west direction in a number of rows (Turner 1978), amidst an existing midden deposit. A wide assortment of funerary offerings were placed in the graves, including 402 ceramic vessels, eight ceramic pipes, four ceramic ear spools, two wood ear ornaments, one sandstone ear spool with a copper plate covering, one sandstone ear spool, 57 Talco arrow points, 19 Maud points, 55 Bassett points, 57 Perdiz point, one arrow point of unidentified type, one large chipped biface or Galt biface (Thurmond 1990) of non-local chert (Thurmond 1990:144), one biface fragment, seven celts, one metate, four manos, four abrading stones, two polishing stones, one chipped gouge, deer mandibles, deer beamers, clay pigment masses, one marine shell columella bead, turtle carapaces, and mussel shells (Turner 1978:12-49). Authors: Timothy K. Pertulla, Mark Walters, and Bo Nelson

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Mar-201541CP5_B234Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B45P9Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B45P8Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B45P4Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B45P3Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B44P14Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B44P12Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B44P11Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B44P10Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B44P2Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B44P1Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B43P7Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B43P5Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B43P3Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B43P1Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B42P7Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B42P6Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B42P5Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B42P4Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Mar-201541CP5_B42P1Selden Jr., Robert Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 186
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