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The Pardee site is situated on a sandy alluvial rise on the east side of Sunstroke Creek, in the Harris Creek drainage basin. The rise is approximately 2.4 m above the creek floodplain, and there is a naturally-formed lagoon along the south side of the landform. Figure 2. Map of 41SM198, showing the location of the burial with vessels, as well as Houses 1-3, and a midden deposit. J. A. Walters conducted excavations at the Pardee site in the late 1950s. During that work, he excavated three circular Caddo houses, a burial, and portions of a midden deposit. House 1-3 ranged from 5.5 m in diameter (Houses 1 and 2, both with central hearths) to 6.1 m in diameter (House 3, also with a hearth, but its location within the house was not specified in the field notes). There were numerous mussel shells found in Houses 1 and 2, along with many animal bones, four Bonham arrow points, and numerous large plain and decorated grog-and bone-tempered ceramic sherds. Decorated sherds included examples from Dunkin Incised, Crockett Curvilinear Incised, and Canton Incised types, and there were a few red-slipped sherds as well as a small amount of brushed pottery. There were engraved sherds in the ceramic assemblage, primarily from bottles. The one burial from the Pardee site is approximately 10 m west of House 1. No burial pit was noted, but the individual was laid out in an extended supine position, with its head at the eastern end of the grave, and the body oriented in an westnorthwesterly position. Nine ceramic vessels were placed in the grave as funerary offerings, three (Vessels 1-3) by the right side of the head and right shoulders, and the other six (Vessels 1-9) on the right side of the body near the waist. Five of the vessels (Vessels 4-5, 7-9) are plain, and the others are engraved bottles (Vessels 1 and 6), a Canton Incised jar (Vessel 3), and an incised carinated bowl (Vessel 2). Authors: Timothy K. Perttula, Mark Walters, Shawn Marceaux and Bo Nelson

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 7 of 7